Main Production Aera
1. Working Instruction
2. Official Released Drawing
3. Cutting Tool Change-over Record
4. Machine Maintenance Record
5. In-process Quality Control
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  We are pleased to announce that in July of 2005, Fine Logistics Enterprise Co., Ltd has received registration under BS/EN/ISO 9001:2000 Quality standard. All assessments are carried out by QA International Certification Limited.

Computerized S.P.C
  In most cases, “In Process” SPC data is available upon customer’s request, at the time of order. In other cases, Fine Logistics is able to provide the raw material certificate or the raw inspection data gathered from the original inspection report per customer’s request; if “In Process” SPC data is not available.

AQP, FMEA, and PPAP Available
  As being an active member of automotive, medical, aerospace, and microwave communities, we are aware of the strict requirements of these industries completely, and we are capable of meeting those requirements.

  Fine Logistics maintains lot traceability for all components manufactured. Inspection data including IQC, IPQC, FQC, & OQC inspection data and all other related certifications are available for a minimum of 7 years on a per lot basis.

Project File
  In order to achieve the highest quality components possible, Fine Logistics creates project file for each single component and sub-assembly projects. The project file including official released drawing, quality control plan, process flow chart, inspection standard, working instruction, IQC form, IPQC form, FQC form, OQC form, packaging procedure, and other related documents specified/requested by the customers.

  Including visual, instrument and gauges, high-resolution comparators, video-measuring system, and surface texture measuring instrument.